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80-Car Pileup on I-81 in Pennsylvania Causes 6 Confirmed Fatalities

On Monday, March 28th, approximately 80 vehicles were caught in a terrible crash on Interstate 81 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Although investigations are not yet completed, it has been confirmed that at least six people have passed away from injuries suffered in the motor vehicle accident.

Several commercial trucks were part of the pileup, causing catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles involved. Reportedly, multiple vehicles caught fire in the crash. It is not known if the blaze caused any of the reported injuries or fatalities, though.

Inclement weather is being primarily blamed for the deadly pileup. The area was covered in a slick layer of snow and fog clouded the horizon when the crash occurred. An eyewitness reported that most drivers made no attempt to slow down despite the unsafe driving conditions.

According to meteorological reports, no snow squall warning had been issued in the area Monday morning. A snow squall occurs when snow briefly yet heavily falls during strong winds.

Currently, it is not clear if a specific driver or truck driver started the pileup. The ongoing investigations will need to finish before that can be determined.

For more information about this recent pileup, you can click here to view a full article from CNN and here on ABC 16 WNEP. For legal counsel after a car accident, you can contact the attorneys of Slusser Law Firm in Eastern Pennsylvania by dialing (570) 405-9953.