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How We Helped a Shooting Victim's Family Get Compensation

In the wake of a tragic incident in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, our hearts are heavy as we reflect on the senseless violence that took the life of Alexis Rafael Acosta. He was shot during an argument over a taxi fare in 2019. After that, he had a broken leg and a lot of trouble. Sadly, he later passed away because of other reasons.

But Acosta's story didn't end there. Our lawyers, Christopher B. Slusser and John M. Solt, wanted to help. They went to court to get money for Acosta's family because of what happened.

The outcome of this case—a judgment of $522,446.24 awarded to Acosta's estate—serves as a beacon of hope for victims of personal injury everywhere. It reaffirms our commitment to fighting for the rights of those who have been wronged and brings closure to a grieving family.

This money won't bring Acosta back, but it helps his family. It's also a reminder that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, no matter what happens to them. We're here to help make things right for people who've been hurt.

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